Welcome To Rivers Of Life Global!

Deborah and I would like to extend our selves to you in the hope you find our site both insightful and transforming. We love the creator of the universe and all that this global planet offers for humanity. Rivers of Life Global is our expression of this love and the mission we desire to express in words and in action. We live in a nation, these United States of America, with blessings beyond what other nations do not have. Yet poverty and hopelessness has no prejudice and abounds globally. Economic, social, and political issues require us to break away from traditional ways of thinking beyond just charitable contributions. Market based solutions is a paradigm shift requiring you and I to change nations globally if we are to change individual lives, one person at a time, one family at a time. Empowering a nation and its people requires a steady stream of resources that we all can contribute for the sake of the human race. Rivers of Life Global is our legacy to this planet we all call our home. It is our deepest desire that you join us as we strive to make this difference not only here in America, but globally as well.

This isn’t our mission, it is mankind’s mission given to us by the creator of the universe.

All The Best,

Dr. Richard and Deborah Rother